0K! Farm - breeding at KM 0

The new 0K! Farm system offers the farmer
a complete breeding plant that covers the entire
production cycle for rabbits.
Consisting of a building measuring 33x13 meters
and divided in 8 rooms, it has a weekly
production of 200 rabbits.
In addition to production rooms, there are two
smaller areas for fully grown, ready to market
rabbits. As an option a slaughter house, a sale
point, a mill and a pellet maker can be added,
turning the whole operation into a zero
kilometers rabbit farm.
Each room is multipurpose, as all modules can
be turned into a colony system for birth, weaning
and fattening.
The daily cleaning is a simple operation, just
using a hose to flush down water and dirt on
a nylon trough, all collected in an outside
wastage tank. Having 8 rooms allows 4 different
cycles at the same time, with one stop for
cleaning and disinfection every 15 days for
each group. The climate inside the rooms is
controlled by cooling panels, place along the
lenght of the building and by the fans placed
at the back, allowing accurate and ideal
conditions in each room.