Park (5)

  • Born from a request to increase the welfare
    of rabbits during the fattening period, and in
    collaboration with the various categories
    interested in reaching this solution, the
    module park was designed and innovated up
    to the fifth version.
    The module is composed of two boxes divided
    by a central net partition, on which are
    positioned two plastic feeder with stainless
    steel anti-waste. The bottom made of hot
    galvanised net is covered by plastic foot rests
    and it’s supported by some stainless steel
    plates. The balcon is made of plastic and it’s
    removable to facilitare the cleaning. The door
    consists of a tubular structure and hot
    galvanised net, and moves with a sistem of
    two pistons for easy opening by the user.
    The surface of each box is 22’000 cm2 on 1st
    floor and 9’000 cm2 on 2nd
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