Pratica + Rimonta WRSA (5)

  • The box size of this cage follown the WRSA
    guidelines regarding animal welfare. It’s
    composed by one Pratica cage 6 box and
    two Rimonta cage 6 box. Each Rimonta box
    can hold 4 fattening animals or, with the nest
    kit, can be a jolly nest.
    The basket features post-processing hot
    galvanised weldmesh parts, pre-painted or
    zinc-plated steel sheet parts, and plastic parts.
    The module is delivered complete with round
    plastic feed thoughs with stainless steel sheet
    collection trays, and pvc pipes with stainless
    steel drip drinkers. This module also features a
    hot galvanised tubolar arched roof support,
    pipes with plastic drop and lock units, a feed
    dispending steel auger, and a full kit of hooks,
    screws and springs.
    Nest kit and antiurine slides are sold separately.
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